3 Reasons to Use Essential Oils to Make Your House Smell Great

Wonderful aromas are associated with every aspect of life and have powerful effects on human behavior. A whiff of a flower or the sea can instantly evoke memories of happy summers while the scent of pine may conjure up images of merry Christmases. The sense of smell is so powerful that many people now invest in diffusers that disperse scented oils into their homes. Oils not only make your house smell great but can improve moods and provide health benefits. There are even oils that kill mold and mildew.

Scented Oils Create a Mood

The primary goal of scenting a room is to create a pleasant atmosphere and diffusing oils into the air will do that. Companies like Aromatech sell a variety of oils that produce wonderful scents. Aroma experts also offer wall mount, portable, and HVAC scent devices that process oil and disburse it into the air. Many customers buy oils like lavender, bamboo, and white tea and thyme to create calming environments that act as mood boosters. In fact, various scents can instantly change the feeling in a room. There are oils that help create feelings of holiday cheer, high energy, luxury, warmth, and freshness.

Essential Oils Are Health Boosters

Diffusing scents into rooms does more than produce a sense of well-being. Oils can enhance and maintain wellness. For example, scenting the air with oregano and clove bud oils acts as a general antibiotic. Eucalyptus, tea tree, and lemon essential oils help boost the immune system. They can actually destroy airborne pathogens. While candles and incense might provide some of these benefits, diffusers are safer and contain no harmful chemicals.

Some Essential Oils Kill Fungus

Essential oils are also powerful enough to kill mold and fungus. Research indicates that dispersing red thyme and pine into the air will fight off fungus and prevent it from spreading. Oils can inhibit the growth of dangerous black mold and certain candida strains. The antiseptic properties in tea tree oil destroy dust mites, which helps allergy sufferers.

Essential oils can be diffused into home air to create wonderful, welcoming atmospheres. Some oils have antibiotic properties and can destroy airborne pathogens. There are also essential oils capable of killing dust miles and preventing fungus from spreading throughout homes.