Buying a Mattress to Last

Deciding on a new mattress is a daunting process. There is research, learning about the newest memory foam manufacturers, and trying to select a mattress that is going to last a long time. Many will feel perfect for a certain length time and then begin to sag, wear, or lose motion isolation properties. Then the process begins all over again.


A new approach to memory foam helps mattresses keep support and shape longer than traditional mattresses comprised of one massive chunk of foam. Layering different types and densities of foam not only supports the body but also supports the mattress as a whole. The base layer is typically dense, heavier, and not as contouring as upper layers. This provides an excellent foundation for longevity and is usually the deepest layer.

The middle layer of memory foam will be lighter and more flexible. This is where the mattress contours to the body. It is this layer that will also provide motion isolation, so partners will not disrupt each other’s sleep when moving around. The width will vary but will be not as thick as the foundation layer.

The top layer will be some sort of cooling material imbued into the memory foam for comfort that will not be interrupted by the accumulation of heat. Early memory foam mattresses were notorious for becoming hot during the night as body heat would buildup. Gel, air pockets, woven polymers, and water pockets have been used remedy the situation.

Accurate Reviews

With all the new brands available, it is essential to attempt to glean an accurate picture of what each brand has to offer. This is crucial because there is no way to discern the quality of the mattress by laying on it. Online ordering is wonderful regarding prices, but not so great regarding trying mattresses out for yourself. Manufacturer websites provide accurate information but will tend to omit any possible drawbacks.

To be apprised of some of those aspects, it is recommended you read independent reviews before making a decision. Ask friends and family members who own memory foam mattresses what brand they have, and would they recommend it. Also ask if they would purchase the same mattress tomorrow if they suddenly needed a new bed.