Providing The Comforts Of Home For College Students

Parents of college students assist their children when choosing the best decor and furnishings for a dorm room. A common task is to find a mattress that accommodates the students and keeps them comfortable throughout the night. Manufacturers and retailers provide a wide array of mattress selections for college students.

Choosing XL Twin Mattresses

XL twin mattresses are longer than standard twin mattresses and are more likely to accommodate a college student. In most cases, the dorm rooms offer just enough space for a twin bed and limited furnishings. By choosing the longer mattress, parents of college students help their teen get a better mattress without taking up too much space.

Addressing Potential Allergies

Select mattresses are constructed of hypo-allergic materials that won’t lead to issues for allergy sufferers. When reviewing the mattress selections, parents should consider which materials are more likely to affect their teen while they sleep. More products are available that reduce the accumulation of common pathogens and allergens on the mattresses as well.

Choosing a More Comfortable Option

When selecting a mattress based on comfort, the parent should approach the task according to the position in which their teen sleeps most often. For example, if the teen is a back sleeper, he or she needs a mattress that keeps their spine aligned and supports them more proactively. The best selection for a back sleeper is a medium firm mattress that offers memory foam layers. The products are more likely to keep the spine in proper alignment without triggering pressure points.

Avoiding Common Issues

Like most kids in their age group, college students don’t concern themselves with factors such as moisture or mildew. Parents know all too well that mattresses that are exposed to too much moisture can develop mildew over time. A mattress that provides a cooling gel controls the temperature and reduces sweating. It should also offer proper ventilation that keeps the interior of the mattress drier as well.

Parents of college students know what to look for when choosing a new mattress. In most cases, a new mattress is a necessity as products available in dorm rooms are often outdated and worn out. Parents who want to find the best mattresses for their students can review this useful reference now.